Rodin Ranch Farmers' Market

I remember back about ten years ago Modesto was chosen as America's fattest city. The factors included things like bike trail availability, the number of gyms and the contrast of health food options (farmers markets, fruit stands, etc) vs. fast food options.

Certainly Modesto has come a long way. Not only are there actually more options for the health-conscious but we are doing a better job highlighting our county's assets. There are a number of websites and publications dedicated to doing just that such as Stanislaus Grown's Local Food and Farm Guide; Contentment Health Magazine;, and

While we at Rodin Ranch Farmers Market want to be known for health food and do our best to stock a wide variety of fresh local fruit, being new our demand is not high enough to allow us to stock everything that grows abundantly in our county.

Therefore we recommend visits to the following local businesses to supplement our offerings:

  • Village Health Foods at 1700 McHenry Ave in Modesto
  • Sprouts Farmers Market at 1700 McHenry Ave in Modesto
  • Chopping Block Butcher Shop and Deli at 2625 Coffee Road in Modesto

and of course our sister location (literally) Rodin Farms located at the corners of Oakdale and Claribel in Modesto.




Rodin Ranch Farmers’ Market is your Stanislaus County destination for farm-to-table produce and goods all year round. Our store, located in the heart of downtown Modesto, offers farm-fresh produce, dried fruit, raw and flavored nuts, nut butters, local artisan goods, gifts, and much more.

Decades of experience selling at area and regional farmers’ markets means we understand how important fresh, high-quality food at affordable prices is to our customers. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

You can find us at:
1001 J Street
Modesto, CA 95354


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